Past Inclusions:



John Buck

John Buck is well known for his carved wood and bronze sculptures and monumental woodblock prints. In recent years, he has turned his attention to creating ever-more-complex mechanical kinetic sculptures. Buck is fascinated by the cultural imagery surrounding his two homes (one in Bozeman, Montana, and the other on the Big Island of Hawaii), current events, popular culture, and the irony inherent in world history.


Jess Leather

Jess is a purveyor of fine leather goods and accessories. 

 Our pieces our hand-stitched, handsomely and passionately crafted by artisans or rather keepers of tradition.

We live modestly but recognize a desire for more, taking both pleasure and pride in the everyday accessories we choose to wear.

Poultry Haus

Products for the Chicken Fancier and the Avant-Garde Chicken.

Discerning chicks, Poultry Queens, beautiful women, glamorous chicken keeping, cocktails, glamping, refinement, grit, intrigue, jewelry, and more.