Dog Enthusiasts Needed: Collar Collection

Has your dog passed away and you still have his/her collar and tags? Do you have extra collars laying around that your dog has outgrown? I am currently working on finalizing my MFA exhibition plans. For my show I am working to collect many dog collars (all sizes, shapes, materials, age, color, etc.) to put on display in combination with some that I have made. My MFA show aims to celebrate and bring light to the canine/human relationship and our long lasting obsession and affinity with dogs.

If you wish to participate and donate or loan your collars, mark a package with your return mailing information, as well as if you would like to collar returned, or are choosing to donate. 


Attn: Megan McGaffigan
734 46th Street
Oakland, CA 94609

Email Inquiries:

All collars wishing to be returned will be postmarked "home" by the first week of June, 2013. Should you choose to donate, these collars will be forever grouped and celebrated as a part of the body of work titled Fetch-ing by Megan McGaffigan. The work and collars will be shown May, 16, 2013 at California College of the Arts, in San Francisco at the 2013 MFA Exhibition. Link at bottom of the page!