New Endeavor: Poultry Haus

I'd like to introduce my new project endeavor, Poultry Haus.

The company Poultry Haus, inspired by the acquisition of my first urban flock of chickens, is the name in which The Jewelry, The Papery, and The Coopery are operating under. These departments of Poultry Haus will be producing products for the Chicken Fancier and the Avant-Garde Chicken in the form of their descriptive titles. The Jewelry department is the first to be in full production mode, with a projected online store opening date of February 2014!

My eclectic flock of 6 chickens prompted research on chicken care and husbandry. With that, an examination of modern products for the urban chicken and its enthusiasts. I discovered that aside from your average coops, chicken feed, and the occasional chicken diaper (yes, there are chicken diapers, for your indoor pet chicken of course! ) there was a serious lack of chicken adornment in the poultry world. I thought to myself, "How's a layin' gal supposed to be an individual in this flocky-flock world! In a diaper?! I don't think so..." Thusly, Chicken Bangles were born. What is a Chicken Bangle? Besides being so much more classy than a diaper, Chicken Bangles are just that: a bangle bracelet for your finest Ladies of Laying. For me, Chicken Bangles seemed like a very natural progression to bridge my previous workings of Canine adornment into adornment for the chicken. 

Chicken Bangles are a fresh and handcrafted take on the traditional poultry band used in the poultry industry. Normally, poultry bands are used for simple identification purposes, and are made of bland plastic or pot metal. Alternatively, Chicken Bangles aim to give your hens emphasis on the style and class they already have. Unique and artfully crafted of precious metals and hinged for the perfect fit, Chicken Bangles are great for the entire backyard flock or your favorite pet chicken. They are functional with flare and a sure crowd pleaser to both hen and human.

Chicken Bangles will be available for purchase and ready to adorn your flock at a pet boutique? gallery? feed store? soon near you! But for now, you can find them via and at our Etsy Shop!

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